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Music Alley radio



Our show broadcasts on the terrestrial station, WERA 96.7FM. For folks outside the listening area listen at www.wera.fm. Music Alley Radio is all about the music and arts scene of the Washington DC area. We promote every genre, showcasing live performance, interviews and recorded cd’s featuring the best local talent. Spotlight Music will be an enriching program appealing to music lovers and the music community. Our aim is to build our audience and yours to invigorate the DC area music and arts scene.



How to Get On the Show

Let us know if you have new music or an upcoming show in the DC area. 

Tracks need to be radio quality, seriously, we want to build the audience for live local music through the show and that means we need to have quality standards. Typically we prefer music in released CD format, there's a lot of info in your CD packaging which helps us to put your music into context. 

Please reach out with an email and link to your radio-ready music.




Maybe you missed last week's show... catch up on the latest and greatest local artists on Music Alley Radio!